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Catacombs of Paris – Haunted Underground Tunnels

The Catacombs of Paris are located in Paris, France. Conveniently enough for us Google has managed to mark on their map where these Catacombs are located:


Map of the Catacombs of Paris

If you are not familiar with the Catacombs of Paris, or to the french “Les Catacombes“, I will paint you a picture of what a catacomb is. A Catacomb is a human-made passageway, essentially a tunnel with rooms, that has chambers used as a burial place. These places were used for religious purposes and it can be most prominently tracked back to the Romans. There are stories that many still exist till today, and are occupied by cults and dark spirits. They are located underground and are underneath entire cities. There are Catacombs all around the world and some Catacombs can even be found in the United States. They are known as the Indianapolis Catacombs.

What makes the Catacombs of Paris stand out above the rest to us? We are drawn to these Catacombs first for the most obvious reason that the walls are laced in human remains. Literally as you walk down the walls and the corridors you see actual human bones and skulls staring back at you. Skeletons of a hundred years ago trapped underneath a city harboring unknowing spirits. It is known that there are three strains of bacteria that can only be found in Catacombs. Just think about it, a poorly ventilated hall underground surrounded by nothing but death and decay what do you think would grow down there, daisies?


Catacombs of Paris

The Catacombs of Paris were shut down to the public in 2009. They described the reason it was closed was for “vandalism” but the accounts were very vague and the stories surrounding what was inside the catacombs were described as being very dark. It was long rumored that the only people who went down into Catacombs were practicing dark arts. People would travel under to perform Necromancy. They would take hallucinogens and bodies stolen from the morgue to perform rituals. The tunnels in the Catacombs are so long that there could be thousands of people inside it and they would never come across each other once.

It has been said that if you walk down the tunnels late at night, the walls would start to talk to you. There was a documentary done back in the day of these urban people who would break into the tunnels and explore for days, sometimes weeks down the long path which extends over 200 miles. They had on tape one of the explorers was talking and talking but when they played the tape back there was not a single voice other than his own. Was it the delusions of low oxygen, or the bacteria from the decay or were there actually voices guiding him down the tunnel. When he stopped to see how far he went he realized he had been walking for hours.

Catacombs of Paris Tunnel

Catacombs of Paris Tunnel

As I said before, it was a hotspot for cult activity. Many rituals and sacrifices happened underneath Paris that public has never heard about. The evidence of this is said to be the bones you encounter, if they are not in the wall mounted they were not buried their, they were actually killed their. Strange markings can be found inside, and not the kind made two hundred years ago, but the kind made by cults and dark spirits. They were symbols of whom they were supporting.

The spirits inside will make you mad if you stay in there for too long. There have been reports that even after they left the Catacombs they felt presence as if it came with them. These spirits trapped inside this tunnel have just wanted to escape this whole time. They no longer wish to stay underground locked deep away underneath the city. They prey on whomever will come below.

For all those reasons and more the Phantom Seekers are planning a trip to Paris, France where we will travel into these tunnels. We plan to document the whole thing, and transcribe for you exactly what we come across. We are more than confident that there are spirits underneath the city. After all of the stories we have heard about the black magic that has been performed in those tunnels, we are worried that there are dark spirits down there. Not only strange individuals and the homeless, but actual demon spirits. So we take caution to that fact, but that has never stopped us before. The Phantom Seekers will never back down from a chance of chasing the paranormal.

Lady of White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake is in Dallas, TX. It is home to an abundance of trees and wild life.  People gather everyday to take in the sights and walk around the path of the lake.  Inside this seemingly picturesque landscape a legend exists; one that dates back to the early 1900’s.  This legend is known as the Lady of White Rock Lake.

Lady of White Rock Lake

Lady of White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake is said to be haunted by a ghost that takes on the appearance of a twenty year old girl. She is described to be soaking wet while wearing a dress that appears to be made sometime in the 1930’s. The woman is a white lady whom also wears the color white for her dress. Witnesses of this spirit, have said that the Lady will appear at night walking down East Lawther Drive. When approached, she will then ask for a ride to her home that is on Gaston Avenue in Dallas, TX. During the ride the passenger will disappear only leaving a trail of water soaking whichever seat she was sitting on.

First reports of this phantom began to be published back as early as 1943. Reports and videos have since been posted numerous times about encountering the strange figure that resemble the Lady at White Rock Lake. No conclusive evidence has been gathered confirming that this spirit truly does exist. The legend does however go on to say that in the first accounts of this story, the people that would drive to the address given to them by the girl would then find a man at the house who said that his daughter has drowned and that they are not the first people to come up there with the same story.

The twenty something year old girl comes from the part in the legend where a young girl was killed during a boating accident at White Rock Lake. The ghost is supposedly her just trying to get back home. The name of this girl is unknown, but the story that follows her is told the same way by many different people. Is this just an urban legend? We plan to investigate this a little to see if we can find any more evidence for this infamous Ghost of White Rock Lake.

Please Note: The video below is not real, just a depiction on what you may encounter.