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Paranormal Investigations

Who are paranormal investigators? Simple, they are brave men and women whom want an answer to the question of paranormal existence. I’m sure it has crossed everyone’s mind at least once while growing up whether there truly was such thing as a ghost. May have even asked yourself is Paranormal Activity real? Evidence always piled […]

Real Haunted Places in US

The day is calm and the stresses are low. You are having a good day, but something is missing. Something supernatural is missing. So let’s go find some haunted places and get this party started. Got some cash to burn? Let’s take this party to a real haunted location in the United Stated. Where should […]

Ghost spirits and demons which describes you?

Out of all of the paranormal beliefs that people have out there, which fits your personality the best? There are ghosts spirits and demons and even extraterrestrials. One of the more well known legend is known as the Chupacabra. Translated to the literal meaning “goat-sucker”, the Chupacabra a creature first reported being seen in South […]

Galveston Ghost Tours Explained

When you travel to Galveston, Texas it is always best to know where your premium paranormal hot spots are. Some of the best spots for paranormal activity can actually be found on Galveston Ghost Tours. They provide not only entertainment for the whole family but a chance to get up close and personal with real […]

Is Paranormal Activity real?

When it comes to movies focused around the paranormal, I always hold my expectations because no one ever seems to capture the real paranormal expression. Being in the same room as a ghost is in no doubt a frightening experience, but to capture this for film put on for thousands of people is no easy […]

Catacombs of Paris – Haunted Underground Tunnels

The Catacombs of Paris are located in Paris, France. Conveniently enough for us Google has managed to mark on their map where these Catacombs are located: If you are not familiar with the Catacombs of Paris, or to the french “Les Catacombes“, I will paint you a picture of what a catacomb is. A Catacomb […]

Lady of White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake is in Dallas, TX. It is home to an abundance of trees and wild life.  People gather everyday to take in the sights and walk around the path of the lake.  Inside this seemingly picturesque landscape a legend exists; one that dates back to the early 1900’s.  This legend is known as the […]