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Phantom Seekers is a huge fan of the Dallas, Texas paranormal life. So much so that we decided to make DFW our home for all future research on paranormal investigations. We have heard for sometime now that the Dallas area is actually a hotbed for paranormal activity. Check out White Rock Lake Ghost story. We are hoping to experience this firsthand, we are moving our main research headquarters into the center of Dallas. It will be located in an area that has had a strange past and we are hoping that this will in turn only boost our findings.

Our team consists of veterans to the paranormal investigations and together have been on jobs all over the world.  More will be shared on these members in the future. The Phantom Seekers organization is here to help people understand what is going on around them. We have relocated to Dallas because of the rise in the recent level of spiritual activity. To better understand this increase in so called ghost levels we will be running immediate investigations.  Let us come and find out if it is a ghost, phantom, specter, demon, apparition, presence, or just a cool breeze.

If you have any questions, or need to speak to someone regarding any situation be sure to reach out to us. We have people working around the clock to be there to help you. The Dallas paranormal scene looks as if it is only going to grow, so it looks like Phantom Seekers may be moving here for the long haul.

So please be sure to take advantage of our expertise, and we will like nothing more than to give you a consultation and help you grow closer to finding an answer to your questions. We will be posting stories of what are being told as haunted Dallas area, or ghost stories in Dallas, TX. We will see if the Dallas paranormal is what we are predicting it to be.

Conclusive evidence of ghosts in DFW will be very beneficial for our paranormal investigations. Noticing anything weird?  We can catch these spirits on modern technology gives us a shot, it has been done before.


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