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One of the worst things about Ghost Tours is the fact that you have to walk so far during them. Wouldn’t it be great to view the paranormal world in an automated vehicle? Well look no further than the wonderful world of Ghost Bus Tours. These tours are specifically designed to get you to multiple destinations take in multiple sites all while not leaving your comfortable seat. Some people get very terrified when they know they are walking among phantoms, so they take comfort in the fact that they are in a safe vehicle with staff that is capable of handling and appearing spirits.

A ghost bus tour is also the perfect choice when traveling with a group of friends or family. Every one can just sit back and listen to the guide, and not worry about a thing. Customers have reported that it is a lot easier to take younger children on a ghost bus tour than it is to go on a regular walking specter expedition. Depending on which tour you are planning on going on, they generally last around one to two hours. They have specific routes that you can view beforehand, and even little guides so that you can be well-acquainted before you even arrive for the drive.

Where can I find a ghost bus tour? You can find them by searching online with your appropriate city location. To make it even easier, just send us an email, or get in touch with us over any of our social medias and we will locate one that is close to you. We also host our own ghost bus tours in Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, and McKinney TX. Our visits are for special occasions only, so we don’t have any regular schedule times. With that being said, we can throw together a tour at the drop of a hat. So if you are in the Dallas area please be sure to get in touch with us.

What should you bring? Yourself, a good pair of running shoes, an open mind, and a brave attitude. There is no one hundred percent chance that you will come across a ghost on your trip, although if you are touring high activity areas then you very well might, so make sure that you do not have too high of expectations.

PLEASE NOTE: The following video is not of a Ghost Bus Tour, but just gives you an idea of how the guide will speak to you during one. This was taken from the Stanley Hotel Ghost Tour.


    • i saw a ghost in my bedroom just a month ago when the crtiauns started moving and my widow opened and closd another time i was wearing ponytail doing my laundry and i was home alone and my ponytail was pulled down so far that i hit my head on the floor

  1. My stories are too numroeus to tell here- I have been able to communicate with spirits since I was seven. I have even had out of body experience, prophetic dreams, and spoken in Languages I don’t know. This isn’t a brag or a lie as I have no reason to lie, but a gift from God that I am very grateful for. I wrote a book of poetry under the name- Christine Chaos- a Collection of Chaos in which I tell many of my more eventful ghost stories. I am not just trying to sell a book here as I published it myself more as a personal goal, than to be a best seller- I haven’t even sold 10 copies yet due to the fact that I can’t afford to advertise. But you can check out some of the stories for free by checking out the book at any of the iUniverse, Amazon and Barnes and Nobel bookstores. Sincerely, Christine Choas

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