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Ghost spirits and demons which describes you?

Out of all of the paranormal beliefs that people have out there, which fits your personality the best? There are ghosts spirits and demons and even extraterrestrials. One of the more well known legend is known as the Chupacabra. Translated to the literal meaning “goat-sucker”, the Chupacabra a creature first reported being seen in South America where people reported that it would attack and drink the blood of the regions livestock, thus how it received its name. Does this sound like you?

Ghost spirits and demons

Of course you know Big Foot, the Sasquatch creature in North America that looks like a brown Yeti. He is very elusive and resembles a large man mixed with an ape. He is not to confused with the Abominable Snowman, whom is an entirely other beast. They have different patterns but from a far could be regarded as similar. If furry giants doesn’t quite catch your attention what about long necked lake monsters?

Does your unusual appearance resemble that of the Lochness Monster. This creature is reported to be located in Scottland at lake Loch Ness. Several pictures have been produced showing the massive size of this dinosaur lookalike. Photo evidence has been captured but the whereabouts of this giant creation will never be known. Maybe you don’t categorize yourself as creature but more of a spirit. Do ghost spirits and demons catch your attention?

An apparition would fall under the category of ghost spirits and demons, but it breaks down to whether you wish to deceive and torment people or watch over them. Some people might see themselves as a demonic expression more than a lovable ghost. Which ever you choose out of ghost spirits and demons, just be sure you are true to yourself. It might be easy to lie and say you are a big bad banshee, when in reality you are just an Australian Yowie Speaking of paranormal nationalities check out some real haunted places.

Now not all of these legendary creature listed above may be real, but your attachment to them is more than real. So choose which are you out of ghost spirits and demons?


  1. There is a ghost that has made himself very vilibse to those who encounter him/it in Mexico City. When I arrived there, some of my family gathered around the living room telling us about this entity and not to be afraid. Very welcoming. Well, I dismissed it at the time and classified it as a town’s folk story. Little did I know this shadow would personally attack me.My first night I stayed in the room downstains in this 7 bedroom home. My dog laid at the edge of the bed growling and I looked where she was looking and I saw the complete figure of a man approaching us. I screamed after I froze for a moment and the lights flickered in my room. The shadow dissapeared but the attack didn’t stop there. The next morning I walked up the stairs to say goodmorning to everyone and I felt the breath of a heavy person behind me. I felt my hairs go up all over my body. I started running up the stairs and the breathing got heavier, it seemed as if someone was chasing me. When I got to the top my family sat there with wide eyes and my grandmother hugged me. They knew what was happening. Needless to say, I booked a room at a local hotel for the remainder of the stay.

    • Sri

      I woke this morning to a phone’s riingng—a dream phone, not a real life phone. The voice of an old woman was calling my name. It wasn’t my voice. It sounded familiar but I can’t place it. It’s creepy to hear a voice in your head that’s not your own.

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