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History of Ghosts

Being a believer in the paranormal life, have you ever wondered what exactly is the history of ghosts? Where did the mysterious ghastly creatures come from. Why must they make our midnight walk to the fridge a haunting experience? I am genuinely scared when I am in my ally at night time. I always feel as if there was a presence from some sort of spirit just stalking me in the darkness. When did this whole paranormal thing begin? Well get out your flashlight and kill the lights and enjoy this spooky story of how ghosts came to be in modern day society.


The History of Ghosts – the tale of the paranormal.

For us to begin we turn back to ancient Egypt, where ghosts were thought to be conjured right after life or death. It was said that these spirits would embody the personality and attributes of the person who just recently passed away. Ancient marking shows resemblance to their belief in the spirits of the dead. Their beliefs extended to even an Egyptian God of Death. This symbolized of their firm understanding that there was an active life after death.


Egyptian culture was not the only to share a belief in ghost life. In the Hebrew Bible references can be found directly relating to spirits and ghosts. The most obvious reference being when the Witch of Endor summoned the ghost of Samuel in the First Book of Samuel. These are written testaments to the beginning to not only a belief but a culture, but beyond both of those reasons, this marked the first recorded times in history that the ghost presence was felt by more than just a small group of people. This marked in stone in gigantic religions.

The history of paranormal of course grew and traveled through the Roman Empire onwards through the medieval ages. Roman philosophers wrote stories illustrating haunted events. The middle edges gave spread to the idea that there were two categories of ghosts: ghosts and demons. Demonic spirits were said to only exist to torment. This brought rise to the idea that spirits could actually be evil. This led to uneasy feelings towards the dead and paranormal.

Religion was the biggest marketer for ghosts, in each faith there are talks of spirituality and spiritualism. What is clear, is that the ghost existence has been around as long as we can remember. It will not only continue to grow but the growing base of supporters and enthusiasts will exponentially grow. In this day and age of modern technology we are able to communicate with someone across the worlds with only seconds of latency. We are able to capture images and video in crisp 4K resolution with more gadgets than I ever could describe.

The ability to spread information quickly and seamlessly record and render video, will result in the increased attraction the paranormal life. The truth will be spread and so everyone can truly know. That is all anybody ever wanted all throughout the history of ghosts is to just understand. The possibilities of life after death can never be ruled out, and the stories of our ancestors has proven this.

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  1. What about the rest of us? I am a psychology cogelle student in my fourth year and having lived with ghosts (I prefer spirits) for my entire life, I would love the opportunity to do some exploring on my own. Spirits do not frighten me, seem to be attracted to me, and are quite willing to talk with me as well as show themselves to me. Summer months are no good for me as far as spirit hunts; fall is much preferred! Also, weeknights are out of the question. So what do I do?

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