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Is Paranormal Activity real?

When it comes to movies focused around the paranormal, I always hold my expectations because no one ever seems to capture the real paranormal expression. Being in the same room as a ghost is in no doubt a frightening experience, but to capture this for film put on for thousands of people is no easy endeavor. Which brings us to our question on is Paranormal Activity real? We all know the history of ghosts, but do we know the history of Paranormal Activity?


We have all seen all of the films and can agree that there are some truly scary parts. The creepy idea of malicious demonic ghosts only adds to our already stressful lives. Why can’t we watch a movie about a ghost that takes in your groceries, or helps jack up your car when you have a flat. The idea that the spirit you are unable to see actually is there to aggravate you is tough to swallow. We are reminded of such agony as seen in the Paranormal Activity movies.

Were these characters truly plighted by ghosts? We analyzed the tapes to see if we could tell you anymore information. We ran a sound test on the part of the footsteps up the stairs during the first film in 2007. Our audio specialist informed us that the footsteps were spot on. So we continued past the Micah and Katie scream scene at the end and on to the second movie.

Paranormal Activity 2 back in 2010. Our video specialist quickly forwarded past the Kristi parts and we focused on the scenes with the family dog Abby. We had our animal paranormal investigator come in and try and she viewed all scenes. We then asked is Paranormal Activity real? She said she was unsure because that seemed too evil of a spirit. She didn’t believe any spirit could be that abusive and awful. She said it truly frightened her. We then turned to ourselves not at all satisfied by the results thus far, so we decided to proceed to the next ghost film.

We threw Paranormal Activity 3 and 4 on dual screens, then we took our interns and sat them down and let them watch the two films at once. We took Parnormal Activity: The Marked Ones and The Ghost Dimension and turned them on dual screens in our research lab. It wasn’t until the end of The Marked Ones that one of my staff rose with the look of fear. The group pause the flick and everyone gathered around to see a ghastly face. We all asked what was wrong, and how we could help, but he was in no mood for anything but a gasp for fresh air. As emotions died, I turned to my co-worker and asked the faithful question, is Paranormal Activity real? and he looked back up to me and said, “Yes”.

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