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Real Haunted Places in US

The day is calm and the stresses are low. You are having a good day, but something is missing. Something supernatural is missing. So let’s go find some haunted places and get this party started. Got some cash to burn? Let’s take this party to a real haunted location in the United Stated. Where should we go first?

Where to find real haunted places

The first stop when searching for real haunted places is going to be in Villisca, Iowa at the Villisca Axe Murder House. If you can’t already tell by the name, this was the house for a violent axe murder spree that spred to Josiah Moore, wife and four kids and 2 other children. The killer after he killed all of them in their sleep. The house is haunted by the eight victims. Overnight stays and tours are available.

Now if that was too dark and scary for you, we will lighten the mood. Our next stop on this horror train to actual real haunted places is Fall River, Massachusetts. There we find Lizzie Borden’s House, the site of another brutal axe murder. Lizzie Borden hacked her two parents over forty times each and was eventually acquitted of the murder. This was back in 1893. The house is haunted by her parents. This place is now a quaint Bed and Breakfast. Patrons have said that you when you stay there you can hear cries and screams.

Time to head to Amityville, New York. The address is 112 Ocean Avenue. May sound familiar because multiple Hollywood productions were made regarding this family murder. Back on November 13, 1974 the police found the DeFeo family of six murdered inside their house. Ronald Defeo the oldest son confessed for the murders. in 1975 Kathy and George Lutz moved into this home, and had to move out. They said they experienced oozing walls, bloody hands, strange voices, but the scariest part of all was being woken up from sleeping every night at the same time the murder occurred, 3:15am. A team of demonologists and a Channel 5 News crew went in and took a bunch of infrared time-lapse photographs. One that was years later finally released to the public was the one below. Take a look at the picture and tell me if you think this falls under the category of real haunted places.

The world is a creepy place and it keep getting creepier. If none of these murder sites catch your fancy, head over to Haunted places in Texas and find a more southern approach to finding a good haunting.

If you would like to know more about the story of the Amityville horror take a look at this paranormal documentary below.


  1. Mark Rosenthall

    That demon child picture proves that place is haunted. They wouldn’t have made so many movies and books if it wasn’t.

    • Hey Sunshine, I have been watching your vieods for a long time and i find them so amazing, they are funny and yet always make me jump. What I love about your vieods though is that they aren’t professional. I have had many a supernatural experience in my new house (which I would joyfully tell you about If you wanted, some are very creepy)and watching your vieods and the way that your just a girl with a camera just makes things seem a whole lot more real to me. I think putting them on a dvd would ruin the whole idea that you are the same as me, a girl with a supernatural following. It terrifies me how strong the forces are getting and watching your vieods just help me so much. From Poppy-Sunshine.Ps. My name is Sunshine as well.Pps. If you got back to me, I could tell you my story, my paranormal happenings and where they have lead me and my family it’s all a bit creepy if you ask me. xx

    • Lvy

      What about the rest of us? I am a psychology colglee student in my fourth year and having lived with ghosts (I prefer spirits) for my entire life, I would love the opportunity to do some exploring on my own. Spirits do not frighten me, seem to be attracted to me, and are quite willing to talk with me as well as show themselves to me. Summer months are no good for me as far as spirit hunts; fall is much preferred! Also, weeknights are out of the question. So what do I do?

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